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Javine is the most lovely and cute girl in the world 🌎 she is besties with Rhianna
Girl : who that

Girl2: Javine of course prettiest girl on campus

All:she is something
by Katie’s June 09, 2018
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Javine is the type of girl who loves to be outside with her family or friends. She dosent need makeup as she has unnatural beauty.😍She can never stop talking because she has too much to say. If you ever find a girl named Javine just know that you are so lucky to have her. Her friendship runs around the whole school even if she falls out with someone she always mends their friendship.πŸ’ž Javine is one of those girls that will make everyone happy when she is sad without even trying 😘 So if you do find a girl like Javine or your lucky enough to date her , treat her right and don't ever loose her because she could be the light in your life πŸ’•
Girl 1: who is that ?

Bestfriend : That's Javine ofc
Girl 1 : Who
Bestfriend : She's the most prettiest girl I know!
by LIzzy17 November 17, 2018
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