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Derived from the Persian word "Eternal"

Bet you never knew that! 8D
Anyone who is named Javid/Javed will live for an eternity! lol
by SwiftJaws October 08, 2011
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1) The man every other man tries to be.
2) Person with really hugh penis.
3) Powerful stunning individual.
4) Your girlfriend or wife would leave you to be with him.
5) An all rounder in every aspect of life.
6) Your secret role model.
7) Your master and commander
8) The perfect man.
Dude1..." I wish I was Javid, he is da man."
by Tonydtiger April 27, 2009
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To be uncool, nagging, always around or simply anything that is remotely undesired.
Yumna:"here have a tomato?" Maheen:"ergh tomatoes are bare javid"

Hina:"what the fuck is that pigeon doing in the flat?" Gavita:"dunno it won't leave it's being bare javid"
by Dg01 June 21, 2010
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A word used in Newsies fanfiction to describe the relationship of Jack Kelly (played by Christian Bale and David Jacobs (played by David Moscow).

A majority of Javid stories portray Jack as being more dominant and masculine in the relationship, while David is usually more subordinate and feminine.

The pronunciation of the word is still in question; so far it has been said as "Jay-vid", "Jah-vid", and "Jaav-id" (which sounds like "avid").
Banisters adores Javid stories even though she cannot understand why a handsome guy like Jack would ever fall for David.
by Coline (Banisters) May 26, 2007
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