Javed is a word derieved from persia Iran means immortal or light

He is a Loyal person an Hardwork guy .He has a lot of porential in him.He a Sacrificing guy most probabily. He does'nt work all time but when he does he is all in it.

Javed is character that does'nt really show up all the time but He is always there.Most people don't know about javed but he is a Trustyworthy guy and will never let you down he is a Listener who listen not what you speak but to your Soul and give best advice .He may have been gone through a lot but he never complains and doesn't tell about to anyone .

Not to forget about how Sexy body he has .He is kind a complete BOOTY person (for guys too) .he is Shy and Genrous personbut a complete Badass with whom you should not mess with
Javed doesn't discriminate people. Javed is a Amazing person whith so much Charisma to make you smile .Javed is the best friend anyone can ever have.
Girl: 1 what happended why are you so much blushing ?
Girl 2: i was in labrary and my books fell and then javed showed up he helped me.
by Feancis.king11 January 10, 2018
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The Most Amazing Person In the world 🌍 A amazing cousin friend anything
Real definition: Look Up ^
🌍 Can stand up but is still sensitive

Really Funny
“I wish I was javed” YOU Frickin wish
by Pnb’s Wife December 27, 2017
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A cool,Handsome man that everybody like,loves,and kiss.he gets every chick in the school with brainpower.

Real definition: A Hindu name which means misunderstood or clumsy
I call Javed when I need help
by Cool guy 16 October 19, 2017
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Javed is the name of a famous womanizer in Jamaica
"Oh my God, let Javed destroy my walls"
by Abu LeLe June 5, 2019
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The most amazing person in the world. You will never meet someone like that in your whole life. Take the change, be with him.
I want to be javee
by Team 47 January 15, 2018
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the coolest, most sexiest guy in the world
javed is so cool and sexy
by sexy chick January 23, 2005
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N. An uncommon dance style consisting of elements borrowed from jive dancing and raves.

V. To dance in a jive style to the beat of rave music.
Guy1: Bro, have you javed today?
Guy2: You know it!
by TProd August 12, 2010
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