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A girl who laughs at everything, is a meme god, actually laughs out loud, dances in her room when no one is watching, sings her favorite song in the shower (loudly), is flirty without trying, actually really smart, loves dogs and is silly and kinda clumsy in general. But do not get on her bad side this chick will find you and skin you.
person 1: yo who tf is sending all these memes to the groupchat
person 2: probably Jaslyn
by miss keisha May 03, 2018
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Jaslyn is a female, usually hot. She is a stunning and has a great sence of humor! She is someone who has struggled a lot emotionaly and will never show it because she is always radiating positive vibes even on the worst days. Jaslyn is smart and sexy at the same time, it drives people crazy.
"Damn, did you guys see Jaslyn. I wanna tap that, she's so sexy."
by Gerardo Sandoval Ginova November 06, 2015
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Jaslyn is a person usually female, who is an incredible friend. She has a lot of problems of her own but is always there to stick up for friends. She has a big heart and is very street smart. Everyone that knows her is very lucky to know and, be friends with her. But be careful if you ever get on her bad side.. She will kill you.
"Damn dude this bitch totally wants to fight me!"

Jaslyn- "Dude I fuckin got this chick don't worry."
by LeslieC July 01, 2009
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somebody who's mom doesn't let them do anything, not even text friends. This results in them being socially disconnected, usually latching on to Anime or Manga, 2010 memes, and apps that are for parents. They will often become shocked when they hear a mildly bad thing, and they don't have any common nostalgia with other children.
That girl is such a Jaslyn! She thinks "sexy" and "awesome" mean the same thing! She even called Chewy sexy!
by shrugslummer February 02, 2018
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