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Yet slightly abrasive, but only because Jariel is insanely passionate about everything he loves. He has amazing ambition and drive, and often knows more than those around him, even me. Jariel is someone whose eyes cannot be explained using mere words, it wouldn't do justice to them. Everyone loves him, and everyone thinks he's cool. I love him also, for he isn't full of crap, but also because I know he loves me, I see it in those eyes I mentioned earlier.
Look, that boy is amazing! Bet his name is Jariel.
by ieatalotoffood October 10, 2014
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The name 'Jariel' is used as a placeholder name for a sex offender whose true identity may need to be withheld in a legal action, case or discussion. It is generally an identifier for individuals who practice grooming and romantically entangling impressionable individuals on the internet, in most common scenarios by using ancient mediterranean courting techniques. Such techniques may involve braiding of armpit hair into dreadlocks and flourishing them in a mating ritual, immersing oneself in an olympic pool-sized vat of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sensually emerging from it like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. They are also known to dress as characters from popular space fantasy franchises in order to infiltrate comic conventions in order to lure unsuspecting victims, whilst secretly possessing envenomed mozzarella sticks to drug them with. Please be known, if you do come in contact with such individuals, the best course of action is to contact Interpol and not engage the suspect until help has arrived, usually in the form of a water hose to wash down the sex-goblin or drugging it with a marijuana dart, which generally results in the Jariel's temporary motor disability. Be warned. The threat is real. This maybe a definition, but it is also a cautionary note.
'Oh, shit. There's Jariel in the crowd. There, in the Obi-Wan costume.'
by MLG-Fenno October 13, 2015
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