A person I am very thankful for. She helps me to get through my day without even saying a word. I love her so much and she deserves the world <3
Kendall is my best friend, she is one of the greatest people I have ever met.
by Iamverysadl0l June 4, 2021
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A nickname for your dick when jacking off at night on your pillow after sobering up from a bad break up.
by venuswentaway May 29, 2022
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He is my best friend and will be forever. He makes me feel happy, special and so much more. I don’t want to life with out him anymore and when he’s not here anymore or not my best friend there is no reason left for me to life. He is literally my world and I love him so much more than anything else I can’t describe how much I love him. I was in a very dark hole and he saved me. When I lose him I will lose my world and my self
Moritz ich hab dich so unnormal lieb und du bist my best friend
by Moli2019 November 3, 2020
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Something prejudiced people say when they're called out on their prejudice. Smacks of tokenism and hypocrisy.
Person A: You can't trust those goddamn crackers.
Person B: Don't be prejudiced against white people.
Person A: Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are crackers.
by null device January 21, 2007
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Losing your best friend feels like something is missing in your life and you need that person to live .
Why don’t you understand that I love you like family and you just leave me I’m loseing my best friend:(
by Wonder girl 233 February 20, 2018
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The unfinished black and white first film of Quentin Tarantino. Half destroyed in a fire, it never got a general release, however you can get bootlegged copies of the remaining 34 minutes from places like eBay.
"I well wanna see My Best Friend's Birthday!"
"Oh, I've seen that!"
"You sure?"
"Yeah, with Julia Roberts right?"
"No, that's My Best Friend's Wedding."
by Olsen Pickett January 22, 2005
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