Japa originates from two yoruba words Ja which means to run and Pa which is used to exaggerate any verb in yoruba language.

Japa means to run swiftly out of a dangerous situation.
If you see a sars anywhere in Lagos, my friend Japa.

Someone that hasn’t met you telling you they miss you Japa.
by OGYD July 3, 2018
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The language that retards think Japanese people speak even though they speak Japanese.
Retard: WAIT Japa isn't a word?
by TheBreadY December 29, 2018
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A flamboyant or usually gay individual. Usually frequents museums and yoga classes. Always has a special diet. Most of the time has weird sexual habits like using household objects to please himself .

Watch out for you neighborhood Japa!
Japa was seen giving massage cupons outside of the elementary school.
by Jorginho October 30, 2020
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The word Japa emanates from the deepest part of the remnants of the great Oduduwa tribe popularly known as Yoruba. It is coined from two popular words, JA meaning to run and PA meaning to give emphasis and importance to Yoruba words.

Popularly used to depict the manner and nature in which an individual elopes from difficult environment or nations such as Nigeria. But also finds usage in escaping or disappearing swiftly from a dangerous situation.

The word Japa has become a popular slang among the habitants of Nigeria and other parts of the world where you find these homo sapiens called Nigerians and many businesses and trademarks have been born out of it most notably

It is evident that this is a slang that has come to stay and one that everyone hopes to use on day in this way. "I have finally JAPA from the clutches of Nigeria"
You hear say Temiloluwa don JAPA ?

Have you visited to learn how you too can JAPA ?
by February 7, 2020
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some kinda god
japa is god
by japa August 14, 2003
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Japas is one of the characters in the game Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is a Zora, and he plays bass in the band The Indigo-Go's. He's a laid back, relaxed guy whose long "hair" (which is really fins) is styled like that of a typical grunge rocker. He frequently held jam sessions with Mikau, guitarist of The Indigo-Go's, before he died, and once Link gets the Zora Mask, he (Link) can embody the spirit of Mikau and play with Japas.
Japas is amazing and you know it.
by Hoodsie Woods February 20, 2009
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Japanese Tapas - almost identical to, and often confused with, sushi!
Person A: "This sushi is a bit like tapas, but from Japan!"

Person B: "What you mean Japas? Japanese Tapas...?"

Person A: "Possibly...?!"
by Fete May 4, 2009
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