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1. The most powerful goddess; ruling over all gods as well.
2. The most beautiful and caring and intelligent and sexy and perfect female who does not strike an image in a man's head that he wants to have sex with her, but instead he wants to marry her at first sight.
Example for definitions 1 and 2: God damn! Janeth is, well... Janeth!
by Balano May 11, 2003
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If you look at Janeth you would say dangggggg... I love you sis😘😘😘
Dangggggg Janeth
by Clb5😘 October 30, 2018
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Janeth brought some chocolate gold coins to school, she was too short to hand them to people though.
by Leprechaunsfriend May 27, 2018
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Janeth is a short, thick girl. She's always down to do anything and is a badass. She might be short but she's crazy. A Janeth has a dark sense of humor. She gets along with a lot of people too! She's loyal, understanding, real, honest, nice/mean, funny, and smart. She doesn't want some two week bullshit. She's totally amazing but is heartbroken. She has a positive vibe and she always has a smile. She's sad deep down but won't show it. If you meet a Janeth, then your lucky. And if shes single, then date her because she's outstanding! Once she likes someone, she's loyal to him even though they're not dating. And if she likes you, then your lucky because that's rare!
Person 1: Who's the thick, short girl
Person 2: That's Janeth
Person 1: She's beautiful...
Person 2: Yeah...
Person 1: I wanna date her
Person 2: She's got eyes for someone else
She won't even notice you except for the dude she likes...
Person 1: Damn, then he's a lucky foo
by Isabella805 December 02, 2018
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