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A clumsy loser who is incapable of doing normal human tasks.
That stupid jamoke cant even cut the grass the right way.
by Robby P. March 21, 2004
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A local dim-wit or shiftless lay-about, primarily from the urban Boston Area; A Goombah.
Jim and his friends were a bunch of ja-mokes from the Lakes.
by Crapshooter August 04, 2003
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In general, a blue-collar male of a specific physical or cultural profile, typically of an East Coast derivation, burly and boisterous. As a term of affection, similar to "big lug". As an epithet, rarely rises above the level of exasperation.
"I'd just as soon have coffee with a jamoke as an egghead"
by John Torretta November 20, 2003
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ineffectual and unaware of it.
"That jamoke is out there taking pictures of the 12 square inch patch that took him 3 months to complete."
by L'amanda Hug-n-Kiss March 20, 2008
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