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Jamilah is a smart beautiful girl, who needs to realize that. She tries to help so many people that her own problem gets put on the back burner. She always believes everything is her fault, when really nothing is. Jamilah is an amazing girl who should be treated with respect and love, what she deserves!
Isn't jamilah just amazing
by Kittykat1234567890 June 11, 2013
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beautiful girl in arabic. Kind sweet gentle person. Person who cares for people and not a snob.Always tries to make peace. A good person in general.
Anthony: Im glad i have a Jamilah
Dakota:that girl jamilah is such a nice person.
Kyle: I like Jamilah, Jamilah is yummy yummy yummy yummy
by JaMiMi January 17, 2009
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A beautiful girl who gives guys boners everywhere she goes it is most likely she is popular and she has a big ass
She gives guys the best blowjobs and get the best sex.
Jordan-damn Jamilah gave me the best blowjob ever
by Greaseymess May 20, 2016
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Jamilah is a person who seems to have no friends and a serious condition of tourettes. Her interests may include: bottle flipping; buying fake followers; begging it with the older generation and most importantly pretending to be a white girl!
Peter : You have a serous case of the Jamilah. You need a therapist
by Enzzzz February 15, 2017
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