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A rare disease suffered by few people with the name of James
Symptoms involve being antisocial,using illnesses to get out of work or sport, where they don't make a difference

One who suffers from jamesism will suck up to his friends parents and will also complain about his priveliged life where nothing is wrong

He says he's sporty , but thinks playing darts is sporty and that sports like tennis and athletics are a waste of time.

He pretends to be Ill, when in fact he's banging his girlfriend, you will notice him and his girl staying off school on the same days often.

He thinks he's smart, however he sucks up to teachers and studies a lot, and when he gets a bad score, he'll lie and say he didn't study
Dude1: Is that kid not doing Phys Ed again?
Dude2: he suffers from jamesism
Dude1:that's why he's SO antisocial
by SONnemo13 March 18, 2019
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Jamesism is a new religion focusing around a farmer who spoke directly to a God.
When the farmer died the God took his name and became James.

The modern worshipers of James use the journal written by James the farmer to learn of James the God.
My religion is Jamesism. Would you mind if I explained it to you?
by ShaggySatyr February 14, 2018
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Jamesism- a disease that affects the part of the brain that doesn't want you to make friends. It includes threatening people with metal bats, , saying you can drink when you're a complete pussy, frenching the toilet seat and overall being a lazy fuck who complains about doing nothing.

Jamesism is rare in college students but it is statistically proven that one in every dorm level contains someone who is suffering from Jamesism.
Yo can I sleep in your room tonight, my roommate's Jamesism is flaring up again.
by thedrunkenmonkey19 February 10, 2011
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Jamesism is a personality disorder that, although not included in the DSM-IV, is widely acknowledged and feared for its severity. A person suffering Jamesism is preoccupied with solely thinking, talking and dreaming about his dreamgirl, who for sure isn’t interested in him. He has the tendency to buy her cars, accuse people of being a Nazi when they tell him to let the girl alone and videotape people –preferably of the same gender – naked just in case he ever feels the need to blackmail them.
“Wow, what’s up with that dude?”
“He can’t help it: he has Jamesism, some kind of OCPD or sumting.”
by yourmother7 November 05, 2011
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