Obsessive Compulsive Percussion Disorder

Also known as drummer's syndrome. Every drummer has it in some form or another. A person with OCPD cannot restrain themself from constantly tapping and drumming on any surface. Contrary to popular belief, it usually isnt controllable. If you ask someone with OCPD to stop tapping, they'll just do it quietly, and gradually increase the volume until someone yells at them so stop, and the pattern repeats.
You know that guy in your algebra/science/english class who NEVER stops tapping, ever? He can't control it, so leave him alone! And yes, i am a drummer with OCPD.
by Attomar January 22, 2008
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Not to be confused with obsessive-compulsive disorder or obsessive compulsive personality disorder, this acronym refers to either of two mental/emotional conditions that involve an abnormal desire to occupy certain areas or socialize with certain individuals:
(1) An imperative need to have extensive contact with "the area's finest", obliging you to either frequently dial 9-1-1 or hang out for expended periods with the "people in blue" down at the local precinct (l.e., the "PD").
(2) A similar type of socially-clingy behavior, but involving an area-resident of or visitor to Delta City; the sufferer likes to hang out at the OCP building, maybe to chat with RoboCop or just to ride along with other staffpeople on the futuristic-designed super-long elevator from the ground floor to the glass-windowed board-room located dozens of floors up.
Binge-watching Crimestoppers-type shows can give you a case of OCPD if you're not careful.
by QuacksO June 07, 2018
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