A chick magnet literally he will steel any girl he likes he's fit and has a tight butt
by Did,u,know1 October 16, 2019
Jamee is a beautiful girl, she's smart, funny and a great friend. Jamee can kick some ass when she needs to, she wins every fight she gets in and doesn't back down.
Jamee is a great girl who is an amazing girlfriend, she's always honest with people.
If you piss Jamee off or get on her bad side though, she can be a bit of a bitch, but she won't say things behind your back.
Guy 1: Who IS that girl ?
Guy 2: She's so beautiful !
Girl: That's my best friend Jamee, form a line.
by Sapphirerage December 1, 2011
When you are half way through a zoot and you can’t finish it so you put it down and save it for later.
“This zoot is kicking my arse I’m gonna have to James it” or “I James’d the zoot I didn’t finish it
by BigArmsDon9000 May 10, 2021
It's a mind set, a philosophy even, of simply just 🄹🄰🄼🄸🄽🄶

Religion founded by Ethan Anderson, the following is approximately six teenagers in a small town in Texas.
by thefuckingducks May 12, 2021
Brenda: “Have you seen Jame?”
Glenda: “Yea! He’s over there with those James.”
by Bear Squad minus lame people December 21, 2020
James a amazing person very handsome and beautiful a man that cares for you and doesn’t matter how pretty you are he loves you for your personality if you manage to get a James never let him go he is a good person and will always care and understand you
Girl friend. “Why do you like me so much”

James. “ because your beautiful and funny”
by ❌layla❌ May 7, 2019