Someone who can be a complete asshole at times but also very caring at other times. He truly thinks turkey is, in fact, sex. When jakub speaks everyone listens because it's always a neat random fact. He never knows how to spell right and he thinks the tables change when they do indeed turn.
I was talking to jakub on house party and he told me how he loves girls with huge pupils
by alix02 December 21, 2016
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A polish guy who always wears the same black Woolley hat, even when he is indoors.Some say that he is immune to overheating!!!
Girl 1:I have a really embarrassing haircut.what should I do?
Girl 2: just do a jakub
by Wisewisdom January 23, 2014
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That person who always carries the team in CS:GO and gets top frag every game.
Who's also a god with the AWP, he will always be there covering your back.
Damn Jakub really carried our team that game.
by Nexuzz July 16, 2018
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Super hot Slovakian boy. Fucks bitches every day, legend has it that Jakub spent more money on condoms than your mum on her car. Nice person, very hot, if I was gay then I'd have sex with him.
Look at jakub he's super sexy
by J_500 June 01, 2017
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