I sign of respect. Showing that you have heard all about the exploits of a famous cooler.
Get me a beer will ya. Ah know you.
by captain poopypants November 13, 2004
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i hope jihyo and chaeyoung marry soon

채영-아 결혼해줄래?
Jihyo: 채영-아 결혼해줄래? (chaeyoung-ah will you marry me?)
Chaeyoung: ew no
by taecupful July 10, 2020
south carolina term for really!!!
should i belive them???????
i killed a polar bear with a
sling-shot.... reply, the hell-you say!!!?????
by jimmy a hendricks - October 29, 2003
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the best word to say when your mad or get killed in a game
Me:*somebody kills me in among us*
Me: ah fuck you man
Mom: jack can you take out the trash, please
Me: no mom

Mom: please
Me: ah fuck you man
by precno99playz March 11, 2021
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Someone you is "scaaarrryyyy" bc they don't have dank memes.
Shithead Harambe is my daddy

You Ah you
by Bad bitch-hole May 22, 2017
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