A beatuiful, intelligent girl with a burning Celtic heart. One who, when she loves, gives herself mind, body and soul. A gentle creature.
She may be nice, but she's certainly NOT a Jaki.
by esbatwolf March 28, 2009
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A scottish word for an alcoholic/drunkard/tink. Can usually be found living in a cardboard box wearing a worn out leather jacket and sporting an unshaven beard. Main characteristic: Strong smell of pish.
'Those jakies downstairs won't shut the fuck up, one of them was lying unconscious at the gate this morning with an empty bottle of white storm.'
by Merryweather March 31, 2006
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A girl that is extreamly loud and competitive. She is always taking interest in a variety of topics. Jaky most likely has a very attractive body(short with big breast) and always gives great advice
by 0Stuff&things0 November 29, 2015
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West coast slang for an alcoholic (mainly Glasgow).
Look at the jakie drinking off the pavement.
by pseudonym October 27, 2004
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MILF that enjoys a drink or two and occasional trips to the TT Bar! Definitely not a prude, can bake a cake and make a bedroom shake!
Jaki was working it in the bedroom!
by KevDoggy71 February 9, 2010
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Jaki is a a different spelling of a nickname for Jaclyn.
Jaki will rock your world. She is beautiful, kind-hearted person. You will never meet anyone else as caring and amazing as her.
Girl 1: OMG That girl over there is so nice!
Girl 2 goes to talk to 'that girl'
Girl 2: Wow! We NEED to be friends with her. She's such a Jaki!
by Sadie82 April 18, 2020
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