Jaken is probably the best looking person you will ever meet. You could describe him as really hot and attractive, over the top handsome, extremely sexy and super sweet. He smells better than everything you've ever smelled and it is impossible not to fall in love with him. If he falls in love with you too you're the happiest person in the world.
"Do you know who that good looking guy over there is?"
"Yes that's Jaken but I'm sorry he's already taken."
by lovebear March 06, 2013
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The ultimate smartest person you'll meet. The Queen of grammar. Someone who sometimes whispers to weird things like lightposts or smartie boxes.
"Shake your head jaken"
by you know October 31, 2004
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A really funny person with great side comments for school. Always makes your face turn bright red with laughter. Also super cute.
"Whose that great guy over there?" That's Jaken.
by LaughyTaughy September 07, 2017
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