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The act of conspicuously staring at a girls butt
Guy 1 "Hey do you see that guy over there? I think he's Jakeing!"
Guy 2 "Yeah he is, look at his eyes, he's too obvious with it."
Guy 1 "He must think that girls got a great ass."
by Anguila May 07, 2015
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1. To become creepily overly obsessed with another person early on in a realationship or friendship

2. To tell a girl 'I love you' way too early in the relationship

3. To tell someone you are basically their boyfriend

4. To always be at your locker
1. He's totally jakeing and telling me he loves me every two minutes!

2. It's been one day and he's already told me he loves me! He's totally jakeing.

3. He's jakeing and telling me I'm his boyfriend

4. He left class early to meet me at my locker. He's jakeing hardcore.
by ClingyBitch October 21, 2013
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Jakeing \JAKE-ing\ verb: playing while getting paid.
It is a beautiful day and I am jakeing to play golf. Did you know? This term was coined after a man nicknamed Jake for his ability to be on the clock at work, and doing everything but.
by KJL '77 May 04, 2007
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During sexual intercourse, the act of two partners facing each other, and one puts their partners legs over their own shoulders while suspending them in the air by holding their ass. All of this, while thrusting vigorously.
"He was Jakeing that shawty all night long"
Verb: "Yo, that chicks like 5'1 and 100 pounds. You could totally jake her: like mad easily".
by CedTruz July 04, 2016
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Jakeing - the process in which someone knowingly bites into a boiling hot, right off the grill, piece of food.
Jim - "You better wait until that hot pocket cools, Bob"

Bob - "Fuck that I'm about to Jake this mother fucker"

Brad- "Look at that fool he is Jakeing that lava hot hot pocket"
by Dark Fish July 26, 2012
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Jakeing or to Jake
A verb
When given a response you don't you don't like, respond with the lowliest insults that you truly feel immediately without escalation.
Paul said no to Plisken,

Plisken started ''jakeing'' out on Paul, he told Paul he's a lazy fat human and will never be strong ever and he's incompetent and impedes his daily funtion.
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by Gaslord September 06, 2018
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To joke. Originated from the common online phrase "JK" meaning "just kidding".

To JK, or to Jake.
Father: We need to talk.
Son: Don't worry Dad, I'm just jakeing here!
by LouTheLandLord May 30, 2009
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