to engage in sexual interactions with your best friends girlfriend. Could be anything from kissing to sex. in order to jake it, you can't have any emotions and just can't care about the consequence.
Friend 1- "yo i'm gonna be alone with ben's girlfriend what should we do!"
Friend 2- "jake it!"
Friend 1- "you mean fuck her and not care about if ben finds out?!"
Friend 2- "yeaaah!"
by Eventually February 03, 2013
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To be a pussy about things
When it was time for the crew to start working almost all of them decided to jake it
by Bossman65 January 28, 2021
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The act of conspicuously staring at a girls butt
Guy 1 "Hey do you see that guy over there? I think he's Jakeing!"
Guy 2 "Yeah he is, look at his eyes, he's too obvious with it."
Guy 1 "He must think that girls got a great ass."
by Anguila May 06, 2015
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When one of your friends make a joke and then the kid that thinks he’s funny tries add on and completely ruins the joke
by Jaked it November 07, 2020
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The Wu-Tang Clan popularized "The Jakes" as being the cops... Pigs... C-Cipher Punks... The Beast.
"Beefing, leaving behind cream, Not even peeping that I was leaking, Won't see the precinct just got a recent case beaten, Still The Jakes are creeping, Keep the ruger peeling who's squealing...
by Ryan Nash August 03, 2007
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