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Jewish aids
normal aids cant be used for this type of race so jaids has to come in play...
Jew: Man i just got aids
Trev: No jonny has aids - you have 'Jaids'
Jew: WTF!
Trev: Jewish aids dipshit!
Jew: Oh Okay then
Trev: Im just sayin...
by kymmy babes October 22, 2008
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A loyal friend, someone who you can always count on. She is a shy girl, who is usually pretty, but doesn't know. She is smart. She is always the teachers pet. She is talented at some sports but not all , she is also talented at singing, acting, and being all around kind. She tries to be kind to everyone she meets. She is an all-American girl.
That girl is so nice, she must be a jaid
by Crafty kitty November 09, 2015
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A Jaid is a Type of girl that's shy around new people but can be the happiest person around her friends. She cam be a beautiful and talented girl but will not admit it and only other people will see her for who she is even when she says she's not. A girl that been through many tragedies and can be broken inside because of it. She could be crying her heart out but will hide it around people and make everyone think she's happy. She tends to have many acquaintances but will only call few her friends. She doesn't really fit in around most people and be considered "weird" but only the true people will see her as amazing.
Jaid is my bestfriend.
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Aids you contract after hooking up with a jew from NYC.
Jin- "Hey Jack are you feeling ok?"
Jack- "Nah that long nosed bitch gave me Jaids"
by MacknCheese6969 October 31, 2018
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