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Jaides look scary at first but aren't actually get your facts right... they're not. They will speak their mind and don't care who they offend while they're at it. She is the type of person you see in public and wonder if she's high on anything. Truthfully, she doesn't really need anything to get high... because she's naturally obnoxious. Most Jaides have a resting bitch face. But seriously, Jaides are funny, loud, extra loud and good friends. Jaides know everything, there's no point in hiding anything from them. They are trustworthy and will stay by your side no matter what. Jaides are the type of girl guys will talk shit about just because she rejected them. In short, Jaides have standards, don't try unless you're up to them :)
"You know Jaide?"

"Yeah, do you? Oh wait didn't you get friendzoned?"

"Didn't you?"
by life:) June 14, 2018
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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An amazing girl, tall, skinny and super adorable. She needs attention and will get very upset if she doesn't get it. She likes to kiss and loves to cuddle. Very Pretty even though she thinks shes gross. Loves foreplay and biting. Shes the most amazing girlfriend anyone could have. Treat her right and you will get an amazing amount of love.
Jaide is crazy good at turning me on!
by Puppydawg<3 August 07, 2011
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Jaides look cold and scary at first but when you get to know them, you actually find a goofy and loud person. Jaides aren't afraid to speak their mind and don't care who they offend while they're at it. If a Jaide "offends" you she's probably telling the truth. Jaides are the most obnoxious and loud people in the whole world but in the end she'll always win you over by making you laugh. Jaides are the type of people you see on the streets and wonder secretly if they're high on something. She is a confident and overly extra person you'll meet. Guys will trash-talk her mostly because they can't get laid or have gotten friend zoned by her. Jaides have high-standards, if you ever think of getting with a Jaide, make sure you're up to them :) Jaides hate a lot of people. You're lucky if you're not one of them. She will mostly describe other people who aren't her friends "gay" "desperate" "Annoying". Some of the phrases she uses are "That's a problem" "True" "So gay". Don't mess with a Jaide, or her friends because she'll probably come after you if you do.
"Do you know Jaide?"

"Yeah you?"

"Yeah wait didn't you get friend-zoned by her?"

"Didn't you?"
by life:) June 14, 2018
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I highly funny person who is compleatly fuckable!! Has an amazing, has lots and lots of mate, Great at sex and also named as the Sex Goddesss Of ESSEX, she drives a hard bargain :P Loves an adventure with mates emily and chelsea :P Much loveage
I had jaide last night, she was a sex godess But im so sore now
by Poseiden :P May 25, 2011
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Jaide is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. They are caring and kind to others but they don’t take anyone’s bullshit. Jaide’s are normally british girls who have a faint accent. Jaide’s are the prettiest girls you will ever see. They normally collect a ton of stuff animals and love cats. If you ever have a jaide in her life cherish them. They care and love for you deeply, hurting them is just awful. They are sweethearts who always listen when you want to ramble about something, their voices are soft and cute. With a faint british accent :)! There are no bad traits none. Maybe they are a dork but i don’t consider that bad i consider that cute
Isn’t that girl a sweetheart!”
“Yeah! Her name is probably Jaide!”
by kugiekizuchi November 30, 2020
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