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The breast or breasts of an overweight woman which is/(are) extremely large in size and smelly in oder.
That sweaty fat chick has some wicked jahooties!
by Jahootie Crusher December 20, 2011
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A piece of shit, (usually a car.) Any rusting hatchback or VWJetta that has no working doors, lacks brakes, and/or is filled with McDonald's bags more than a week old or moldy bagel bites. May have strange items in the back seat including a full wardrobe, a lifevest, a hotplate, computer parts, plastic pellet guns, mini fan, ect.
Usually, the scrap one is able to get for the car is worth more than you paid for it.
May or may not run while it is raining, and may not steer straight.
Look at that dude trying to get in his hatchback through the back window!

What a jahootie.
by Cissee August 21, 2008
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