A lit person that can backflip and knows how to get all the girls and has tons of swag in the world
by Cuttin October 09, 2017
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She’s a beautiful , nice girl. But if you make her mad she will scare you. She’s can be nice but if you make her mad , you just don’t wanna be near her. Her name is strange but beautiful. A lot of boys like her, but she likes to be independent, unless you caught her attention, she’ll give you the love and effect you need. She’s a loyal one and a real friend she won’t let you down.
Yeah jahli is cute

Hi my name is jahli !
by Anahernandez January 07, 2019
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Jahli is a word which has great importance for people of Zewwiqa Qziez. Jahli is used when there is an excessive ammount of hela going on
Going out to drink tonight? JAHLI JAHLI JAHLI
by Dnegel March 25, 2019
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