sweet,smart girl.NOT a whore!dirty blond hair,pale skin,quiet.
wow jade is so non-whorish
by luver of edward May 03, 2009
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To not notice anything weird around you, Just having complete disregard for your surroundings
I'm so jaded I didn't notice I was sitting on someone
by Dukeydudebird June 11, 2005
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Dirty ass girl ! Usually a bigtime follower !! Snake ass hoe too thinks shes the shit but is ugly on the inside and outside. Cant be a bitch and ugly. Kind of girl to make up rumors and talk shit but smile in your face !
Guy: that girl jadee follows everyone and is a snake ass hoe!!
Girl: frr! I heard shes talking shit but kisses my ass 24/7
Guy: what a ugly bitch
by Ispeakthetruthandwhatpeoplewon January 28, 2020
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name of a precious stone usually a name given to a female of exotic nature with long dark hair and an infectious personality...mmm sounds hot!lives life to the fullest and people tend to question mental stability tends to be spontanious...but a very loyal friend with a heart of gold would do anything for her friends.
"jade is so damn hot"...jade is also an erotic film (1995) about a dirty whore who runs around sticking her stilettos up guys assholes
by jadagiselle February 06, 2010
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having no-one to be there for you; doesn't have their eye set on anyone, or have any crushes
there's no-one in this whole band, i am so jaded.
by anonymous June 06, 2004
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An adorably handsome boy who will melt your heart. Usually has deep dimples

Is not only cute but also has brains and a caring heart.
"He's adorable"
"Ofc his name is Jadee"
by hoothootdouble December 17, 2017
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an awesome green day song that is really great cause it sounds like an old school punk song; the song is about a burnout who says that quiting will get him nowhere and basically that since his life is all right screwed up ready, it wont hurt to continue smoking weed
Always look forward,
Going straight will get you nowhere,
There is no progress,
Evolution killed it all,
I found my place in nowhere
by GreenDayIsTheBest April 16, 2004
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