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A Jada is very special person. She is beautiful funny smart and loving. If you know or have one cherish her and be grateful because you’re with the most amazing girl in the world. She is someone who is as gorgeous as she is sarcastic which is a lot. If you have a mother beware because with a Jada nothing is sacred. A Jada will also have the most interesting (and waffle related) sense of humor. She has the most incredible eyes that will steal you’re attention every single moment you’re with her making you love her even more. She also has the most attractive and cute smile that you could possibly imagine. Note: if a Jada smiles at you and happiness and excitement overwhelms you do not be concerned this is normal. She will also have beautiful hair and the most adorable face you will ever lay your eyes on. Sometimes when you’rewith her you’ll just stop everything to look at her because of how unbelievably perfect she is. A Jada will be honest with you always. If she isn’t with you and you feel sad and have a pit in your stomach do not be concerned this is normal. There is no way to define a Jada. If you were to define all of her amazing traits you could probably keep going for weeks because she is truly the most incredible girl you will ever know. She is someone you will grow to love a waffle lot. She is incredible sweet and funny. If you have a Jada be grateful and remember that she is one of the most important and profoundly amazing people in your life. Love and cherish her.
I love you Jada.

It’s been a great three months with you Jada I love you so much.

I love Jada a waffle lot.
by NorthernCrackerBoy October 20, 2018

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