1. A Jada is the cutest, sweetest, happiest, most athletic girl one might know. A thing you might notice about jada is her smile. A Jada's smile is the embodiment of beauty and happiness. A Jada likely plays a sport and is the best on her team/organization. A Jada has seen a tough time or two, and she still manages to seem like she leads the life of a princess. It is hard to believe she isn't a princess sometimes and deserves to be treated so. Jadas love candies, which may have something to do with how sweet thy are. Jada doesn't flirt much, but everyone flirts with her since she is so unbelievably perfect.

2. The perfect person one has not yet met but still imagines and thus can only use the name that embodies perfection.
1. She's so beautiful! Yeah and athletic! And happy! Guess she's a Jada then.

2. Guy 1: I've yet to find my jada yet.

Guy2: ha my jada is actually named jada!
Guy 1: that doesn't help.
Guy2: I know
Guy 1: shut up.
by JLax71 December 29, 2016
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Jada is overall a great girl, if she messes with you she wants your full attention.

She doesn't take shit from anybody & will drop you if you fuck up with her in any way.

She can be a bitch when she wants to & is a bit spoiled.
She's a great friend & will try and be there for you & help you in any way.
Don't ever lie to Jada.
by Blacky June 04, 2015
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A beautiful girl

Cute,Talented and secretly freaky from time to time. She is aggressive and isn't fat unlike her own conspiracies and I love her
Is that Jada
Holy Fuck She's incredible

Yes that's my girlfriend
by Laughatme do it February 20, 2017
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Jada is a sweet girl who doesn’t really care. She is shy but once she warms up to she is caring. She is usually the calm goody two shoes of the friend group. She will always stick up for her friends. Jadas aren’t afraid to try new things
Jadas are usually mixed
by 1111111121119 November 11, 2019
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the most adorable human ever. extremely contagious smile. probably the next generation's albert einstein. loves music and arts but is also great at maths and sciences. cute, curly hair and quirky fashion. doesnt believe she's the shit. however, she is. radiates sarcasm and always keeps you on your toes. strong, beautiful. love that girl. damn.
girl one: i wish i was like jada

girl two: yeah, jada is hot; smart and talented. not to mention adorable as heck.
by dropswithyogurt June 02, 2017
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A girl who is hilariously funny, and will make you laugh until you can't breath. She's kind and likes to help people out, but don't get on her bad said or she will go mental, and 'slap a bitch'.

Dealing with emotion isnt her strong point, but if she cares about you, she'll always try and help.

Jada is an all round amazing human being who you'll be lucky to have met.
"hey, im dating a girl called jada, shes amazing. ive never been so happy"
by LollieMellow February 27, 2018
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A really hot girl with amazing hair! Her makeup always looks great and she's the life of the party. Jada can make anyone laugh, especially her great friends. She is usually very optimistic aven when sad, but if you make her mad, you better watch your back!
Jada is so beautiful , her friends are so lucky
by Mrs.ramsay October 30, 2016
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