Handsome and fun, he is the guy that starts the party. Always looking for the laugh and there when you need a hug. Very popular with the girls. Kind and open-hearted and loved new places and people. Curious and generous, Clever and well-mannered he knows how to get what he wants. Everyone wants to be around him.
Girl: Where is Jaco? he said he would be here.
Girl #2: "Here he comes, JACO!!!"
by moothmayer February 4, 2010
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A F1 fanatic who loves his BMW and gets road rage easily
by Nico10 February 5, 2020
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Like how a dozen is twelve, and a baker's dozen is thirteen, a jaco is a length of time lasting for two minutes.
Can be multiplied or divided to apply to most lengths of time, eg 10 minutes is 5 jacos, and 30 seconds is a quarter of a jaco.
Conversationally, the word Jaco can be used instead of other words such as 'jiffy' when telling someone that you won't be long.
Sorry, I'll be with you in a jaco.

The next train is in about three jacos.
by twominutes October 19, 2010
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A nickname for a female's genitalia. Specifically, a Jewish "Taco".
Joe: Hey Jeff, did you get to see the Jaco last night?
Jeff: Naw, she was all uptight and kept talking about money.
by TronX November 26, 2006
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A type of a Taco, in which the meat is heavily seasoned with Oregano, and topped with ketchup. Named for a former roommate, Josh, whose family might possibly have invented this idiosyncratic blue-collar Italian variant on the most mainstream of Mexican dishes.
"Why the hell does it smell like chiles and spaghetti in here?"
"Oh, looks like my roommate's been making his famous, weird-ass Jacos."
"What the hell is a Jaco?"
"Here, try"
"Not bad. But who the hell puts oregano & ketchup in their taco mix?"
by FunkyBumpkin April 28, 2005
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