To desribe something being really weird. Often comes before the thing you are describing.
1. There are some weird-ass guys out there.
2. That's one weird-ass hairdo
by PunkPrincess December 9, 2004
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foreign slang for stupid and/or stupid head; unable to function normally
Damn, Sheniqua that weird ass, nasty, Texas Chainsaw lookin, hoebag, keeps lookin dis way.
by Keisha Raye November 22, 2006
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Something stranger than strange. Weirder than weird. Often creepy and mysterious.
You can see some weird ass shit on YouTube.
by Lydianon April 27, 2016
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A Male Persona That is Weird As Heck.
That is a weird ass dude...
by TheBestDefinerEver! :) August 8, 2021
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Show stopping. Beautiful. Absolutely perfect. No matter who you are, what you’re doing or where you’re going, if you see a Maimai I can guarantee you’ll be smiling. A Maimai is the light in all the world, the happiness in all the sunshine, the peace in all the rivers, she is ethereal. No human could even come CLOSE to the amount of joy and beauty that Maimai brings to the world. Any human who gets to have as little as a brief exchange with Maimai is a blessed as a person can be. Unique, lovely, fantastic, mystical, amazing are all things to describe a Maimai. (And if you hurt Maimai her best friend Roxanne will probably come rip your lungs out and feed them to you so be careful^^)
“Omg that dress is so beautiful it could be Maimai (weird ass bisexual goddess)
by Matsuyama Kitty January 19, 2021
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