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A cream of the crop jack ass; An elite group of jack asses that deserves to be classified one step higher.
A jack in the ass cop just searched my car E legally and found nothing like I told him. I wonder why people in town don't respect the law?

You are one sincere jack in the ass.
by Hatsitting203 November 12, 2010
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When a girls is pride or uptight and you want to have intercourse so you get her naked, uncap a bottle of Jack Daniels, pop it in her ass and flip her upside down so she absorbs the alcohol. This allows her to lower her inhibitions and relax.
PRO-TIP: It may be a few minutes before she feels the alcohol so pass the time with a standing 69!
Man, Carla was being such a prude at the party last night I had to give her a Jack-in-the-ass.
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by K-Train91 April 17, 2017
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