An alternate spelling of bitch used in online games where a swear filter is present, such as Gunbound or Lineage 2.
*shoots and misses horribly* Son of a bytch!
by RoboSpy March 23, 2004
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It is alternate spelling for Bitch for people who either are on online games that will not let you say cuss words (Ex.Metrowars or Kingdomofriches or Runescape.) Or for moronic people who dont know how to spell correctly.
Ex 1. Oh dam I lost to that rat! That Bytch!

Ex 2. happywithluv: that bytch had no rite to be up in mi face
by MonkeyTime!! August 04, 2006
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1. A oppionated, sarcastic, rude womyn who takes derogatory statements as a compliment.

2. Tarin
I may be a bytch, but I'm not a female dog bitch!
by Nixerator February 09, 2006
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Bytches is what you referr to women as when you're too high and lazy to depress your pallet enough to make a proper short "i" sound.
"Hee man Im so high right nyurr!"

"I know man -yts like... eeyansane man!"

"Hee man, are you seeyan what I'm seeyan?"

"Yee mane those are some FIIIINE ass bytches"
by Triented January 04, 2012
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you whu visit ma page at www.zuup.com/anarchy__ haha and yhu pressed on BYTCH x so GUESS wAT yhur a BYTCH >= b0unc3in n0w luvvz hun +s2s2beb3_7r4nc3
1.NOW **bounceBYTCH
2.haha bytch =P
by beb3_7r4nc3 May 01, 2005
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