A spoilt brat who always looks for attention.He will try anything to get to the top like invite people to his house and get the best of things.A jack is usually fat and lazy.Deep down a jack wants to be a good guy,but always beeds attention.
Omg! That asshole is such a jack
by Katy Perry Xx. May 14, 2015
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Jacks tend to be very stuck up. They think they are higher than anyone else and are very vindictive people, as long as they're happy they don't care about anything else. Also jacks seem to be gold diggers and also like to flash there cash when they have some. Jacks are compulsive liars with out realisation and they loveeeee them self way too much and people don't find that attractive at all. Lastly jacks don't tend to take rejection very well.
Jack really needs to get his head out his ass crack, it aint no hat.
by tom.is.a.prick February 28, 2017
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Rude. Likes to fight with people. Has a heart only for his best friends.
by H&hitl June 03, 2017
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A complete asshole who likes to cheat on every girl hes with, he is a player and the definition of a "little bitch" these men usually have small dicks and lie about there size. also...FUCK YOU JACK
bro jack cheated on me again...
what a little bitch, he aint shit
whatever my dood.
via giphy
by nomepapi November 03, 2017
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0.00001 mm penis that he thinks is massive and he is a total douchebag and like men especially people that are called jacob
jack wants jacobs penis
by connor charalambides January 01, 2012
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