Jack is the most amazing person ever. He is kind, loving, respectful, wonderful person ever. When he sees you in the hallways in school, he wants you to give him a hug everytime he sees you. He likes being with you no matter what! He likes holding your hand and not affraid to tell you things. (Only if he likes you and asks you out). So if you see a Jack and you like him and he likes you back. TAKE HIM!
That Jack over there, is the most funniest person ever.
by Sis4evea18 May 18, 2016
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The sweetest guy i ever met
Super hott and very sexy

The bet personality, and so fun to be around
Outside he looks fun & tough
Inside hes so sweet and nice
Girls r falling for him wherever he goes
The guy i love

Oops... I fell for him :D
Girl1- Dammm! Is that Jack?
Girl2- So hott!
Girl1- He's got swagg!
by nikky<3 January 14, 2012
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brown hair, brown eyes, long fingers, talks to himself, random, many explicit dreams, cute, likes sno-balls, and artsy. Doesn't have a wide vocabulary and loves indie music. Most Jacks are sarcastic and sweet and sexy. Jacks are picky with girlfriends but when they do they're HOTT ;). Tan and funny would describe most Jacks. The typical Jack is attracted to blonde haired girls with green eyes. Total sex on legs.
by sydney73197 April 18, 2010
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Usually a blond haired guy with amazing eyes. A jack is someone who will own everything, especially a girls heart.
Jack <3
by 11122235 December 27, 2011
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Some of the hottest teenage boys have the name Jack
Girl 1- Have you seen that boy Jack, hes hot!

Girl 2- What one? Their all hot!
by LoweLove May 05, 2011
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