To have a conversation, or to talk to another person.
Me and Hugh Laurie were behind the scenes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show having a good old chin wag as us Brits like to do.
by jazzamk March 28, 2011
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well dont give me a chin wag, i know you like it
by Igasho September 3, 2008
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Also chinwag. A conversation, the term comes from one's chin appearing to wag during conversation. Most commonly used in Eire or the UK.
Next week we'll be having a chin-wag with the delivery company. There are delivering too slowly.
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
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When a lady bequeaths her ass on your face. In doing so gets a little shit on your chin
The trusty pub whore offered to sit on Edgars face. When he got back we saw he had a good ole chin wag
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