n. A mixed drink, well suited for hot summer nights. Essentially, this drink is a Whiskey Sour made with Jack Daniels, with a splash of Drambuie for a hint of honey, and a splash of Grenadine for a nice rosy color. Very tasty!

2 tblsp Jack Daniels
1 tblsp Drambuie
1 dash Grenadine
1/4 cup Sweet and sour mix
1/4 cup Orange juice

Mixing instructions:
Combine all ingredients over ice in a glass.

Steve mixes an excellent Jack Frost.
by Dan Weyandt December 4, 2007
The spirit embodiment of Winter. Originally from William Joyce's book 'Guardians of Childhood', most are familiar of the movie version of him and his friends from 'Rise of the Guardians'. He's sexy, mischievous, and a tad lonely. Loves children, snow days, and teasing the Easter Bunny.
Mom: Wear your jacket, you don't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

Child: Who's Jack Frost?

Mom: Oh, nobody.

Jack: I bring you snow days, and what recognition do I get? Nothing. Nothing at all.
by Clockwork Rain February 21, 2013
Someone who is really fucking pale has blonde ass hair.
"Go frost up my lawn you Jack Frost lookin' headass"
by tdizzley May 28, 2021
Jack Frost is a demon from shin megami tensei, persona, and a plethora of other games made by the company atlus.

Jack frost is an absolute chad of all demons, he has a catch phrase to make me wet, he ends sentences by saying "hee-ho" .
Human 1: yo, what demons you ha-
Human 2: Jack frost.
Human 1: Wha-
by Tf2 main May 8, 2019
Cum that was expelled through masturbation, ie- "Jacking", and has not been cleaned up, allowing it to go shiny and slightly crisp, like cake frosting.

Typically found in teenagers bedrooms, although fully grown men that have wank addictions have been known to jack frost their carpet on a regular basis.
Danielle thought she had hit the jackpot with Steven. He was kind, considerate, and seemed to be very house proud. She relaxed happily on the sofa, thinking about how great her relationship was- until she noticed the Jack Frosting on one of the cushions.
by MagickDio April 23, 2010
When recieving a Blow Job, the man pulls his penis out of the womans mouth just before he ejaculates, and blows his load right onto her nose. If hes a good enough marksman, it should collect on the tip of her nose,and resemble a carrot nose, just like a snowman.
Man that Jack Frost I gave her last night looked so much like a carrot that you could practically eat it.
by Phil B February 24, 2005
Inserting cocaine in your sexual partners anus, and sniffing up all the cocaine after the partner farts it out.
Guy 1: Dude this girl is into Jack Frostings.
Guy 2: Legit.
by ReptaRRwaR September 26, 2010