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A game played with a maximum of four friends who are male. Each participating member cuts a hole in the side of the same, covered box. Each member then proceeds to lower their pants and underwear and masturbate (hence the "Jack").

Each member should attempt to orgasm at once. Should any particpant orgasm early or late they are eliminated. At the point of orgasm, all particpants must put their penises in their hole in the box and shake the box around.

Once all members have finished, the lid will be removed and each player will attempt to guess whose semen it is that is now on their penis.

One would believe that the semen would be that of the man immediately across from you, however this is not often the case.

The player whose semen covers the most penises wins.
We played Jack Box last night at that sausage fest party. I won, but I was tired for hours after.
by KinkySasquatch January 14, 2018
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Jackbox is a web and app based platform that offers a variety of games designed for groups of people to enjoy together.
There are drawing games, quick quip games, general knowledge games, thinking games - all are varying degrees of fun depending on how they're played.

This platform is enjoyed by twitch streamers, youtubers and just groups of friends having a good time in person and across the internet.
Let's play Jackbox
by PoyzenCookie October 26, 2018
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