Jabbing or jabbin' is when a guy rolls over in the morning and attempts to wake up the sexy piece of ass beside him by repeatedly poking her with his boner. It's a fun way to coax a girl, or boy, into another round of last night's torrid interaction -- or finish business Monsieur Whiskey Dick may have put a stop to. (A popular strategy and perhaps your last chance to part ways with a fair to moderate sexual reputaion).

Jabbin: Best used with a connotation to one-night-stands, often used by men in a stale marriage, always used in reference to morning wood and currently leading Folgers in the polls for 'best part of waking up'.
I woke up with prime morning wood so started jabbin' on this chicks butt - just poking around, ya know - and she rolled over with a smile!
by sensuousDilJob September 27, 2012
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To get sex....jabbins said like (:ja-bins)
boy1:-"hey man"


boy1:-"i got my jabbins last night it was rad."

mum:-"hope you wore a willy hat?"
by Gavlarr April 09, 2010
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