Ja Rule is God in the Flesh, the greatest thing to ever happen to Hip Hop since Tupac
Come downtown and help worship the new statue of Ja Rule
by HomiCiDe Ty June 02, 2006
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The best damn rapper around. He can own 50 Cent to pieces in a matter of seconds. 50 Cent can't sing and is the next Rebecca Black. Ja Rule can out-rap 50 Cent any day of the year, and that's just a cold hard fact. Ja Rule is the king of hip-hop and he is God.
Yo, I heard 50 Cent's new song, "Outlaw." It would be so much better if Ja Rule was in it.
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.... you drool!
yeah, you drool! Since somewhere in a foreign langage which I forget, "ja" means 'yes'...: Ja, ja drool!
by James August 24, 2003
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def; a rapper better than eminem
(and i really do mean this)
em you claim your muthas a crack head and kim is a known slut so wuts hailey
gon be when she grows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by pipes February 05, 2005
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jarule is a man who is very funny and has a lot of friends. he pulls maad bitches and can get away with naming his kid jarule jr
friend 1: β€œyoo jarule how the wife and kids”
jarule: β€œwhat wife and kids”
by SlyyyyRoe January 04, 2021
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