It's my birthday .

Um.. I guess that you looked that up, because you're bored as hell or has birthday today. Happy birthday mate.

It's pretty important to look up your birthday. I have no idea why would anyone do it, but I did it. There wasn't any definition . I was pretty sad. Hope you're not cause you see definition of this day/your birthday.

If you have birthday on June 17th then you're Gemini . You're sometimes sad , but trying to not show it to your friends . You're scared of failure and you think you're not good enough . You're good in learning languages . You're actually looking fine , but you don't think so and you're trying to glow up . Good luck with that, I still didn't.

If you're born in June 17th you're a cool person . Nah, I'm not gonna say that we're twins . One twin is enough , I don't need more.
me: "It's June 17th"
person: "Cool."
me: "Cool.. "
by thickehvickeh November 23, 2019
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The day “The Bars Kid” also know as “The Senior Drip Instructor” also known as “Uncle Kell” landed on planet earth to be the GOAT and inspire people to Enjoy The Wave.
Hey its June 17th...
Let’s go listen to be productive on the beach for Uncle Kell
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by Ksshehbdjj October 17, 2019
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