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Junior State of America
A "non-partisan" group, that encourages high-school students to get involved in politics at overnight and month long conventions.
However, it is often a place where said students have sex and/or do drugs, at dances, near-sexual acts are common.
Guy 1: "That JSA debate was pretty rad!"
Guy 2: "Yeah and the bitch that gave the first subsequent speech? Her ass was dandy!"

Guy 3: "I saw you grinding with some girls at the dance last night!"
Guy 4: "That was nothing, you should have seen what went on back in their room."
Guy 3: "Aww man, you gotta let me in on some of that action man!"
Guy 4: "Maybe at the next JSA event, the RAs are getting on to us."
by TheRealMAS August 01, 2013

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