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In Polish it is an abbevation for "Huj W Dupe Policji" which litteraly means "Dick up the Police's Ass", but all it means is simple "Fuck the Police". Throught Poland people put HDWP as grafitti on walls, building etc. It is a huge part of the hip-hop culture and basically it's a part of the culture of Poland itself. It is popular to say "Jebac Policje, Tylko Bog Moze Nas Sadzic", which is apparently stolen from 2pac's "Fuck the police, only God can Judge Us"
Old Bitch 1 - Hello my dear, how are you?
Old Bitch 2 - Oh, my God, I saw HWDP on the wall again, why do all the Polish Kids hate the Police?
************** ************** ************* ****************
Guy 1 - Man, i hate the cops
Guy 2 - Yeah, HWDP
by PolishKing April 02, 2006
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It's a polish phrase meaning huj w dupe policji
translated to fuck the police basically.
don't think i need an example of H.W.D.P.
by lola310 August 16, 2007
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Polish abbreviation for "cock up the police ass" - used mainly by dumb polish gansta-rap-wannabies.
"I am a dumb dickhead, I wanna be gangsta and just wrote HWDP on the wall."
by Zee Kat November 20, 2003
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H.W.D.P. is the Polish shortcut and means "Hugo wraca do Polsatu" - that way: "Hugo comes back to Polsat"
Hugo is a funny little troll who plays whith a kids on screen of Polish TV-station names Polsat.
All of Polish kids wait for his adventures every saturday.
-Polish TV is booring, men...
-For true? No way!
by Redds August 12, 2007
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