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Kid 1: Dude, I was so tired after Angela's party last night
Kid 2: Yeah, me too. I went straight home and proceeded to JOPO
Kid 1: I should have done that, man. I just read a book until I fell asleep
by All Hail King Mathyall December 17, 2014
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Short for jack off-pass out. It's when you crank one out to help you sleep
Dude, I can't sleep. I think Ima just Jo-Po
by Teh Beagle May 31, 2007
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JOPO is an acronym devleoped by a group of unemployed individuals collecting free money from the government. JOPO means
by KING JUKO February 25, 2009
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This term applies to a person who enjoys making fun of people and then whacking off to the thought of it later. They usually bandwagon onto any sports team that has numerous superstars or a perfect record even though they never watch the sport. They may have had sexual relations with Lou Reed. They will lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder, and rape some more in order to be on top. Phrases such as "Oh yeah boy thats the spot", "I get off on Pickles, Onions and little school boys", "I like wearing nail polish cause it helps my skirts look bolder", and "Not one man should have all this power!!!"
Jay-Z and John Frusciante totally pulled a JoPo with that new "JW Sucks" single.
by MC Face July 27, 2010
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