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靖 • jìng -- make tranquil; pacify
安 • ān -- security; safety; peace

1. (Noun) The kind of security that is, and can only be, achieved through force by a power strong enough to provide lasting stability; for example, violent and volatile regions brought into order by the strategic development of military, political and economic power.

2. (Verb) To achieve peace and stability through the strategic use of power—military, political, economic or otherwise.

“Only the strongest leader will be able to achieve JING AN on the frontier, introducing law and order toward a lasting peace.”

1. “The level of disorder over there is mad!”
2. “Yeah, somebody needs to go in and JING AN the place.”

(Split Verb)

1: “A fight just broke out in the hallway.”
2: “Alright. Let’s go JING some AN.”
by Tribetribetribe August 16, 2018
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