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an airline that pwns all other airlines...don't believe me? next time you're at an airport check and see how much space jetblue takes up. they're taking over...fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaa!
Willie: I rode on Jetblue today.
Billie: Really? How was it?
Willie: It was awesome...I did the mile high club thing if you know what I mean...
Billie: Haha awesome man! I gotta ride Jetblue someday.
WIllie: Oh yea they have TV's in each headrest! How awesome is that?
Billie: That's real awesome!
by smackboobie November 01, 2006
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Transitive Verb. /

The act of loudly losing one's shit in front of a rather large, anonymous crowd, before deploying a 3000-psi nitrogen-charged emergency slide and absconding with multiple, unpurchased alcoholic beverages.
Person 1: Krikey! Did you see Jill go all JetBlue, tonight at the party?

Person 2: Yes I did. She was hot.
by PseuPseuPseudio August 10, 2010
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Losing one's temper at work and lashing out at customers and/or coworkers in an unprofessional, disrespectful, and rude manner.
"Don't be pulling a Jet Blue on me!" said Mike's coworkers to him when he stormed out of the call center after a frustrating call from a customer.
by David The Condo Man from PDX August 10, 2010
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Not only a modern airline, but an airline that offers free satellite TV service in every seat. There is an LCD screen embedded in the seat back in front of you, allowing you to watch
tv during your flight.
I flew from miami to New York on Jetblue.
by Taylor Esformes April 03, 2004
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The feeling you get when you hate your job, or the customers you deal with. Reference to Steven Slater, the Flight Attendent who, after a scene with a passenger, shouted expletives over the P.A. system, then grabbed a beer and slid down the emergency chute.
These non-tippers give me the JetBlues.
by SXY S14 August 12, 2010
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Startup airline with one of the newest fleets of any airline. They fly discount routes from Long Beach to NYC, and many others. Bling Blingy!
"I flew jetBlue."
by Bm August 28, 2003
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A low fare airline based in Kew Gardens, Queens of New York City. JFK International Airport is its hub. Began operating in 2000, it has earned profits every year. It is a major competetor to Southwest Airines.Operates mostly Airbus 320 aircraft. It received its first black eye in February of 2007 when hundreds of passengers were stranded on the tarmac at Kennedy Airport with no running water, communication or decent service. The airline's former CEO resigned after the incident.
Jet Blue sucks. I would never fly them.
by August 04, 2007
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