your diamonds (jewels, gems) are very bright are blinded me. Also known as Bling bling.
by Tiffany R. Cribbs December 17, 2003
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Used to express something stunning, shiny, and model-like.
Dolly-omg my high heels are so blingy
News lady-not as blingy as mine sister 😌
by Yeet dinosaur 🦕 March 14, 2020
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Describes something shiny or smooth.It might be gold or other types of jewelry.
Mr.Kersh-Oliva's head is blingy.
That guy's head is soo blingy people thought it was the sun.*Mr.Kersh-Oliva*
by Danny Ly November 11, 2004
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Someone who dyes their hair from blonde to ginger.


A mixture between blonde and ginger, or strawberry blonde.
Becca used to be such a pretty blonde, but now she's a blingie!

Person 1: I can't tell what her hair color is!!!!
Person 2: She's a blingie
by Becca Sermery November 19, 2012
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People so dark they shine like bling.
Akon is so dark he shines like bling which makes him what some call blingy blackie.
by doughboi freszh April 12, 2011
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