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This is the end of a penis, and used in name calling to a person who is a dick head.
Dave you are such a fucking jeb end.
by dk lil February 17, 2006
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1) The head of a penis (otherwise known as the "bellend")
2) The final remains of a cigarette / joint.
1) My jebend is aching like hell.
2) Let's get a squitzy on your jebend!
by WalnutSack April 09, 2006
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Another word to describe the head of the penis.
I beg of you please let me slurp the hot and steamy cum of your 'oh' so salty Jebend
by Michale March 25, 2006
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the helmet to the mans soldier..also known as a bel-end
-i h8 my dad sooo such he is such a jebend
-'my uncle alburt is a jew, and he had HIS jebend cut off'
-hiya im holly n i smell of exma
by Ellie Sinclair July 08, 2006
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