Denton is the most loyal friend/lover you could ever have. He is strong, & muscular.

He can get along with literally anyone, & everyone he meets loves him.

He's quite the ladies man when he's single, & many girls want him, but when he's with someone, he only gives his attention to one girl, his girl. And when I mean attention, he literally only has eyes for her.

Younger kids want to be him, & look up to him. He is a role model.

His looks outdo anyone. He stands out in a room, & his smile can make anyone's day brighter.
"Who's that tall dark & handsome guy?"
"That's Denton. Isn't he dreamy? His girlfriend is so lucky"
by Emj007 June 5, 2017
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A city name so common that is appeared in both "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and its sequel, Shock Treatment, as a generic every-town USA.

The most famous Denton is Denton, Texas, (pop. approx. 120,000), located about 30 miles NW of Dallas along I-35. Denton is home to renowned industry, great food, an infamous 1960s/1970s hippie population, Texas Woman's University, and most famously, the University of North Texas. Great bands have emerged from Denton's music scene (itself an offshoot of the UNT music school, one of the best in the nation), such as the Toadies, Baboon, Tripping Daisy, Polyphonic Spree, the Eagles, and Norah Jones.
UNT alum Norah Jones: Hey, how do I get to Denton?

UNT alum Paul Shaffer: Drive North on I-35 until civilization stops, the major highway goes down to two lanes, and you're convinced you're about to accidentally stumble into Oklahoma. Cross the Lewisville bridge, and ten minutes later you should be in Denton.

UNT alum Peter Weller: And five minutes after that you'll be past it.
by BourbonDictionary August 2, 2011
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Big strong manley man has the penis of a clydsdale horse will always be by your side usally names his dick clydy
by Ghhcd May 29, 2017
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Irrelevant North Texas person:

“Isn’t Denton like Austin?”

Anyone who’s actually been to Denton and knows the truth:

“Yeah if Austin was a literal dump with shitty roads, terrible food, outdated people all inside a literal dump filled with Trump supporters then yeah, you could say that Denton was “like Austin.” The two cannot compare in the slightest. My mom a third generation central Austinite (meaning born and raised in downtown Austin and no, not west campus) said Denton was the 1980 shitty version of south Austin and if you know anything about South Austin and the old Crockett High School then you know that’s a major insult.”
“Denton...isn’t that the dodgy city where they support Trump and claim to resemble Austin?”

Person that’s been to Denton and possibly a UNT alumni:
“Yeah, that’s the one. The “city” more like a neighborhood with zero traffic total slackers who smoke weed that they found in a Louisiana swamp and struggle from depression because the things to do consist of a bowling alley where most of my friends got HPV back in the day or to join the local sex trafficking ring with free transportation provided by the local pastor.”
by dentonaplacefullofsuckers October 12, 2020
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denton is the coolest man alive. he has very big muscles and is very strong. he is a hit with the ladies. he is a nice person deep down but acts like a gangster.
that dude is such an awesome denton.
by cow cheese September 13, 2011
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when someone is to committed to going on a night out even when nobody wants to
your a fucking denton you
by lemontree1234567890 January 6, 2011
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To screw something up; British slang for penis.
Bush and Blair really dentoned that war in Iraq, didn't they?
by Rich Berg June 9, 2007
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