1. The combination of a Jack-Ass, and an Ass-Hole.

2. Someone who thinks they're better then everyone else, and resorts to petty name calling when they're angry.
(ex. 1)
Wow, Mitch is such a Jack-Hole, he called me a dork yesterday because I mentioned a video game... - Mic

Yeah, I don't get why he thinks he's so cool... Everyone hates him - Morgan

(ex. 2)
Why do those two hang out with that Jack-Hole - Guy 1

I don't know, I guess they've got no other friends - Guy 2
by The Mysterious Mister M April 22, 2010
when someone acts like a jackass and an anus hole.
Regan the pagan was such a jack hole today. She kept yelling, "ferr sherr."
by flemmy December 11, 2002
Hole jacking when you decided the front hole just isn't enough so you jack that back hole
Johnny was tottaly hole jacking lacy last night now she doing the penguin walk today
by RainBowPixy3141 February 15, 2017
Whenever A Guys Hole Has Been Pounded
I always admire his Jacked Hole when I Am Done With It
by JackedHole February 19, 2021