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A super cute couple with singer Jack Avery and social media influencer Gabriela Gonzalez. Hopefully they stay together forever because they are the cutest couple you will ever see.❤️
Omg JABBIE are super cute together!!❤️
by Wdw_jonahmarais616 May 11, 2018
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It is the name for a relationship that is dead and no longer alive. Both of the two involved don't like each other but may like each other as friends
I have a Jabbie relationship
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by Melody brown July 01, 2017
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Is a name for a passionate couple who aren't ashamed to make out in public spaces and in front of their parents. Usually dumb people who think they are intelligent and copy each other in class. Often found in the UK specifically found in norfolk.
Girl 1: ewww there is people making out over there!!

Girl 2: I know! They are such an Jabbie
by Amazing people!!! July 25, 2014
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