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A sick ass boyfriend who loves and cherishes you until the end of your days,he never cheats and is so loyal,find yourself a dammy❤️
Dammy is so peng and loyal
by Princess💍 May 23, 2017
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Noun, Adjective, Whatever:

An abbreviation of "damn it," but also can be used in the place of nouns and adjectives in the presence of close friends, making it go well beyond a standard, conventional definition. Can be used to describe something impressive, surprising, or pleasing. Can also be used to describe or refer to a social event, group of friends, etc. It can actually be used to replace every noun or adjective in your vocabulary if you are amongst a group who will understand it (similar to the Marklars on "South Park.") It knows no bounds.

Can also be spelled "damnie" or "dammie."
As an expletive: "Oh, dammy!" or "Pull up, dammy!"

To refer to a social event (n.): "Are we doing the dammy tonight?"

To describe a social event (adj.): "It's going to be pretty dammy."

At a bar: "I'm going to have one more dammy then close my tab."

To greet friends (n.): "Hey dammies!"

To express surprise or pleasure (adj.): "Well, dammy!" or "That was pretty dammy."

To talk about an event or occurrence(n. or adj.): "Did you see that dammy on TV last night?" or "My trip to Europe was really dammy."

These are but a few examples.

NOTE: The use of the term, "double dammy," should be used sparingly. There are few things that constitute a true "double dammy," so use your discretion before saying it.

by Damnie December 24, 2008
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A portmanteau of the words 'dammy' and 'dummy', used to describe someone who is both
Linda, why are you such a a dammy?
by Kilroy Johnson December 07, 2007
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a word meaning damnit, just typed very awesomely by yours truely
awesomeness man #1 : DAMN YOU WHITE MAN
awesomerness man #2 : DAMMY YOU FAT METROSEXUAL MAN
awesomeness man #1 : OGM DAMMY
awesomerness man #2 : DAMMY RIGHT BITCH
by awesomerness man July 08, 2004
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A tramp or poor beggar who's dad owns a launderette. He cries when he drops his 60p cookie because that is all he had to eat. He is terribly poor and lives in poverty.
Your such a dammy, beggin me for money.
by Babatunde Oluwailiatumiadede January 12, 2009
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