A situation in which two individuals, who were once in a relationship but are no longer together, continue to have sex with each other on a regular basis and still act as if they are in a relationship. Alcohol and or drugs enhances this effect to unknown levels.
Observer 1: What's up with Jim and Amanda? I thought they broke up?

Observer 2: They did, but they're caught in the J&J Effect.

Observer 1: Oh, I see. It's a sad sight to see.

Observer 2: Indeed
by Razilla Killa April 13, 2010
A slang word for a vagina. Only said to hot chicks.
She must have a nice clean Va-j-j.
by BeeRant July 24, 2006
Socially acceptable replacement for the word Vagina. Allows you to use the word Vagina in places it normally wouldn't be acceptable.
Nice swing sir, did you get sand in your Va-J-J.
by zepper252 September 10, 2010
Female genitalia. or Another word for female genetalia

When aroused, swells and produces a filmy, whitish lubricant.

Contains a number of nerve endings, none more senstive than the clitoris, an organ a part of the vagina that is formed from the same tissue as the head of the male penish.

Stretchable. Consequently, the wider the penis inserted, the more pleasurable for the woman. However, this is not an elastic wasteband, most women prefer a fairly broad diameter equivalent to that of a fairly thick cucumber.

Approximately six inches deep, sometimes more or less depending on the woman. Suffice to say, the value of a long penis dimishes after 8 inches or when lacking in depth.

it was brought into the vernacular of tullahoma with the help of the boys soccer team and a few select people

The best friend a penis will ever have.

The box the penis cums in.

pronounced like fuhjayjay
Man, I would like to get into her fah j j.
That guy was laughed at because he is a fah j j.
1. n.: formerly "the sexiest man in the Extreme Wrestling Alliance" "Heartthrob" Johnny Rocket, tragically killed in a wrestling match; last words were "it...is...finished--BLEAAGGGHHH!"
- Oh my God! J. J. Rockett has been killed! I don't believe it!
by Council For and Of Nyah (CFON) September 30, 2003
some one who got a lot of pussy in one night
damn man i was the va j j killer last night
by mwhite bloodz October 4, 2007
Word invented by J.Irvin

to describe Jesus Christ.

Jennifer: Whats that behind J J Chrizzle?

Brooke: Uhh, palms?
by brooke and tiff June 14, 2008